What I've Got (Updated Feb 27th 2013)

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What I've Got (Updated Feb 27th 2013)

Post  ChrisLeMay on Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:14 pm

Here is a list of the SSR and above that I have

[Spider-Clone] Scarlet Spider+ (U Rare)
[Ferrous Hero] Iron Man+ (U Rare)
[Oathbound] Silver Surfer+ (U Rare)
[Sky-Rider] Silver Surfer (U Rare)
[Adamantium Claw] Wolverine (U Rare)
[Genuine Leader] Cyclops (U Rare)
[Son of Asgard] Thor+ (U Rare) <--- 3 of These
[Incredible Rage] Hulk+ (U Rare)
[Ferocious Fighter] Wolverine+ (U Rare)
[Great Responsibility] Spider-Man (SS Rare)
[Advanced Intelligence] Ultron+ (SS Rare) <--- 2 of These
[Lady Liberator] She-Hulk+ (SS Rare)
[Devious Trickster] Loki (SS Rare)
[Mutant Hunter] Sentinel+ (SS Rare)
[Time Enough for Love] She-Hulk+ (SS Rare)
[I'll Take Romance] Emma Frost+ (SS Rare)
[Rose Red] Black Widow+ (SS Rare)
[Thunder God] Thor (SS Rare)
[Son of Odin] Thor+ (SS Rare)
Annihilus (SS Rare)
[Double Life] Spider-Woman+ (S Rare) <--- 30 of these, lol


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