My Portion (Updated 2/12/13)

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My Portion (Updated 2/12/13)

Post  RyanGox on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:14 pm

I've Got:

Annihilus+ (1/60)
[Secret Agent] Black Widow+++ (mm bad evo) ATK: 5505 DEF:5261
[Secret Agent] Black Widow+++ (27/50) ATK:3115 DEF: 2975

[Ferrous Hero] Iron Man (25/60)
[Ferrous Hero] Iron Man (1/60)
[Repulsor Beam] Iron Man+ (1/60)
[Vibranium Shield] Captain America+ (mm)
[Vibranium Shield] Captain America+ (1/60)

[Oathbound] Silver Surfer (1/60)
[Lady Liberator] She-Hulk+ (mm)
[Advanced Intelligence] Ultron+ (1/60)
[Mutant Hunter] Sentinal+ (mm)

[Hell Bike] Ghost Rider (mm)
[Hell Bike] Ghost Rider (1/60)
[Vampire Hunter] Blade+ (mm)
[November Foxtrot] Nick Fury+ (mm)
[Fire Blast] The Human Torch+ (mm)
[Fire Blast] The Human Torch+ (1/60)
[Slasher] Sabretooth+ (1/60)
[Leopardess] Tigra+ (mm)

[Black Leopard] Black Panther (mm)
[Vibranium Shield] Captain America (29/50)
[Vibranium Shield] Captain America (1/50)
[Supreme Magician] Doctor Strange (1/50)
[Supreme Magician] Doctor Strange (1/50)

[Lady Liberator] She-Hulk (1/50)
[Lady Liberator] She-Hulk (1/50)

[Spider Web] Spider-Man (1/50)
[Vampire Hunter] Blade (1/50))
[Wind-Rider] Storm+ (mm)
Maria Hill+ (mm)
Maria Hill+ (mm bad evo) ATK: 5909 DEF: 6604

Looking For:

I want speed attack and tactic defense. Ghost Rider, Spiderman, ssr Captain America

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