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Civil War Raid Event

Post  axjms1 on Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:32 pm

Welcome all new members and those who wish to participate in the current BMF raid event, Civil War.  There are a few rule changes so please read completely.  Also mobage completely fucked our system so please consider this a rough draft.  Please remember raiding is not a requirement in BMF so if you want to take a break feel free.  You all worked hard in the the previous war. Also feel free to go it alone or form your own team just try and help each other and not snipe trades.

We will be splitting everyone who wishes to participate into tiers again. This raid there will be 2 tiers.  The first and second tier will be limited to 6 people each (per deck).  We may have multiple teams if interest is high enough.  I am not even going to attempt to run a tier 3 deck because it just is a pain in the ass.   If changes are needed they will be made. I (Ax) am running the raid but feel free to ask Mandragon if something is ok or not. Raids are like herding cats at times so be sure and check with me before you mortgage your house to buy a card.

Each tier will have a captain assigned by me (Ax).  That person is responsible for setting up the schedule and basically running the team.  Each person gets a certain amount of time with the deck (4 hours with 6 members) There is some flexibility there with how it is used but you need to be ready to use your time effectively and not mess up everyone else's schedule.  Don't expect some one to give up their time or raid for you because you haven't been able or willing to raid.  Also, don't expect to get all of your time in the prime time evening hours.  We all have jobs and need to sleep on occasion.

Each tier will have a threshold of PP that must be donated to the group in order to participate in that tier. As with last time, each tier will have a captain, and each tier will be responsible for max/mastering their deck. Tier 1 will be using a 5 Legendary deck (asap), Tier 2 will be using a deck of UR+ raiders (asap).   If you cannot or do not want to donate PP that is fine, you may also donate raider cards or high value UR/L cards such as FN Spider, Ironman, Venom that are needed for an immediate trade. (IF IT IS SPECIFICALLY NEEDED AND/OR APPROVED) This next point is very key so I will make it again. In order to facilitate trades we may need a certain card. If you have it speak up! Don't stress about being reimbursed, we will be sure to replace the card quickly. But we are not a card selling service. We will ONLY take cards that are needed or that we have a standing deal for.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER CARDS AS DONATIONS. No UR+ Thors, no Apocs, no Annis, no UR Wolves, no L Wolves, no Miss Marvel. It takes too much time and resources to try to flip these cards for the pp and raiders we desperately need and we will not be doing it. Please sell them yourself and use the resulting pp to buy your way in!

When you donate a raider card you get a credit for pp donated based on the rarity of the card. For example, if I donate a UR Raider, I get credit for donating 300 pp based on the chart below. This would almost put me into tier 1! If I donate a Leg Raider, I also get 300 pp credit, AND I get the legendary card returned to me after the event! This brings me to my next point. If you opt to simply donate a fused Leg Raider or Ur+ Raider you will get double credit for the donation and will NOT get the card back.

WE NEED YOUR RAIDERS! Keep looking for raiders and tracking down bargains! Don't use your hard earned UCP's until the chances for raiders are doubled. Thank you.

ONLY FUSED CARDS WILL BE RETURNED AFTER EVENT. If you donate a Legendary Raider, you will get it back. If you donate a UR Raider you will not. The resulting Legendary will be auctioned off to the alliance after the event and the pp proceeds will go in the bank for next time.  The single exception to this rule is a base legend raider.  If you pull and want to use a base legend raider it is yours after the event.  BEFORE you fuse the card you should have ownership sorted out with the partners owner.

Here are the CURRENT values for donated cards. I have increased the values since the last raid to reflect the raider market.

Raider Chart:
1st Half:
Leg/ULeg IM 2000%/4000%
UR/Leg Iron Spider 1600%/3400%
ssr/UR+ Ragnorak 1200%/2600%
sr/ssr+ Cap Marv or Stark 800%/1800%

Total Event:
Ur/Leg Vision 1200%/2600% 125/250 donated value toward tier and will be returned but must be fused
ssr/ssr+ Sabre 800%/1800% 50/100 donated value toward tier and will be returned but must be fused
sr/ssr+ wolv 400%/1000% 5/10 donated value toward tier will be returned but must be fused

2nd Half
Leg/ULeg Cap 2000%/4000%
UR/Leg Hulkling? 1600%/3400%
ssr/UR+ Herc 1200%/2600%
sr/ssr+ cap or ??? 800%/1800%

Leg/ULeg - we wont be buying these but of course will use them if you want to lend to raiders.  This also gets you into the tier of your choice.
UR/L iron Spider – 150/300
SSR/UR+ rag – 75/150
SR/SSR+ cap marvel – 10/20

Please note, if possible I will buy your cards with raid funds from you for these amounts.  Discounts to help the alliance are greatly appreciated. You will not get credit for donation if I do this, they belong to the raid. BUT this is a great way to profit and also help your fellow BMFers! No one likes a loose butthole.  Another loose butthole move is to donate without boosting and mastering.  Try to do that if at all possible, I can hand out silver if needed.  Seriously don't send me a card that hasnt been boosted.  You all have iso's coming out of your ass.

Here are the requirements for the tiers;

Regarding T1:  We may end up having multiple tier ones, it depends on people actually joining the tiers.  Priority on placement in tier one is based on several factors:  Valor rank from previous war, prior experience, raiding skill, and of course getting the PP to me in a timely manner.  These spots will fill up fast so don't delay.  This is a high stress, high reward tier.  Don't do it unless you know you will have time to raid and are willing to do what it takes to get there.  No one is going to raid for you.

Tier 1, 400+ PP.  You can use this deck on your alt or with a partner (within your allotted time) but you can't loan to anyone outside the alliance. EVER

1. Ax (2 overboosted leg vision*, UL IM, ur+ rag*, 4.5 ssr+ cap Marvel*, ssr+ stark*, 2 ssr+ wolves*)
2. SultanDM (legend IM*, ur+ rag*)
3. Scott (legend IM*)
4. Javren (ur+ sabre, 250 pp)
5. Blaze (350 pp)
6. Womp (350 pp)

DECK - Currently:  2 Ultra legend IM, 3 legend vision, 2 ur+ rag, one ssr+ cap marvel
 Needs: none, maybe a rag in support
week 2 plan: replace Legend IM's with legend caps or hulklings

Tier 2, 200+ PP. Going for top 2000, might try for top 300.  You can use this deck on your alt but you can't loan to anyone outside the alliance. With this deck you can easily and quickly get as many odin decrees as you may need on multiple alts.  The ssr rewards are secondary.

1. Omar* (200 pp)
2. JpClare (ssr rag, owes 100)
3. Level (2 legend vision, ur+ saber, ssr rag, ur vision?) Will have 3 leg vision and saber returned
4. levels brother.. (tagging along with big bro)
5. BCBG (200 pp)

DECK - Currently: 3 legend vision, 2 ur+ sabre, 3 ssr+ Capt Marvel
 Needs: none..
week 2 plan: replace cap marvel with hercules or hulklings

If you have any questions or suggestions pm me. I will be updating this thread and the pp amount for raiders WILL be changing!

LAST NOTE: Lots of you are new members of BMF and that is great I want to welcome you again. However, If you are still in your two week window you may be denied access to the upper tiers. It is just a major pain in the ass to shuffle cards. If you have a trade link partner who is always on we may consider making an exception but you should know you may have reduced access to the raid deck and consider that carefully.

OK THE REAL LAST NOTE:  You know what they call the guy who graduates bottom of the class from med school?...  Doctor.  It's the same thing with raiding.  If you are raiding no matter what tier you are in you need to farm, farm, farm.  Don't even look at your rank until enraged week.  Spend your time one hitting with your deck and earning those rds bars.  You will have plenty of time to burn them on the big bosses on the correct day on enraged week.  By that time you will have the completed deck and your hard efforts will pay off.  With a complete deck you can get millions and millions of points in minutes.  So save that pp until the last day when you will know exactly what you need to secure your rank.  If you do it right you can reach your goal without burning pp.  If you have questions about how to raid quickly ask one of the pros.  There are lots of them in BMF.

Good luck!


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