Deadpool Raid Rules and Regs

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Deadpool Raid Rules and Regs

Post  ryhutz on Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:07 am

Welcome all new members and those who wish to participate in the second BMF raid event, DEADPOOL!!! There are a few rule changes so please read completely.

We will be splitting everyone who wishes to participate into tiers again. This raid there will be 3 tiers. The 4th tier will be unregulated and a captain may be assigned at my discretion if I feel it is necessary. The first and second tier will be limited to 5 people each, the third will be open to 8. If changes are needed they will be made. I am running the raid but feel free to ask Mandragon or Matt if something is ok or not! Dark will be helping with trades because he’s a badass as well.

Each tier will have a threshold of PP that must be donated to the group in order to participate in that tier. As with last time, each tier will have a captain, and each tier will be responsible for max/mastering their deck. Tier 1 will be using a 5 Legendary deck, Tier 2 will be using a deck ideally of 1-2 Legendary and the remainder UR+, Tier 3 will likely use a 1-2 UR+ deck and SSR+. If you cannot or do not want to donate PP that is fine, you may also donate raider cards or high value UR/L cards such as FN Spider, Ironman, Venom, etc. This next point is very key so I will make it again.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER CARDS AS DONATIONS. No UR+ Thors, no Apocs, no Annis, no UR Wolves, no L Wolves, no Miss Marvel. It takes too much time and resources to try to flip these cards for the pp and raiders we desperately need and we will not be doing it. Please sell them yourself and use the resulting pp to buy your way in!

When you donate a raider card you get a credit for pp donated based on the rarity of the card. For example, if I donate a UR Thanos, I get credit for donating 250 pp based on the chart below. This would put me into tier 1! If I donate a L Thanos, I also get 250 pp credit, AND I get the Legendary returned to me after the event! This brings me to my next point. If you opt to simply donate a fused Thanos or Psylocke you will get double credit for the donation and will NOT get the card back.

ONLY FUSED CARDS WILL BE RETURNED AFTER EVENT. If you donate a Legendary Thanos, you will get it back. If you donate a UR Thanos you will not. The resulting Legendary will be auctioned off to the alliance after the event and the pp proceeds will go in the bank for next time.

Here are the CURRENT values for donated cards;

UR/L Thanos – 250
SSR/UR+ Psylocke – 90
SSR+ Sabertooth – 20
SR Sabertooth - Zero
SSR+ Black Bolt – Zero

Please note, if possible I will buy your cards with raid funds from you for these amounts. You will not get credit for donation if I do this, they belong to the raid. BUT this is a great way to profit and also help your fellow BMFers! No one likes a selfish sally.



We are expanding Tier 1 into 2 teams. A and B. Team A will be lead by Albian, Team B by Ax. The goal is 10 L Thanos for both teams. To achieve this I am CONSIDERING raising the minimum to 300. Main factors are due to the amount of people wanting to be in T1, the stable cost of Thanos as it is a good after-raid card, and the amount we need to spend to get the cards to use.

I am also reducing the buy-in for tier 3 to 50 to encourage more people to join that tier. Thank you everyone and good luck!

Here are the requirements for the tiers;

Tier 1, 300+ PP. Going for Deadpool or bust.


1 Ax (350)
2 Matt (250)
3 Dex (250)
4 Chris (300)
5 Emmy (255)

Floater - Griv (300)

DECK - 2 L Thanos 3 UR+ Psy


1 Albian (300)
2 Durden (250)
3 Murphy (300)
4 Air (250)
5 Storm (300)

DECK - L Thanos 4 UR+ Psy

Tier 2, 150+ PP. Going for top 2000, might try for top 300.
1 MD
2 Ry
3 LaMags trade via MD
4 mjweyer

DECK - 2 UR Psy 3 SSR Saber

If you have any questions or suggestions pm me on Palringo. Pal will be the official chat for the raid. I will be updating this thread and the pp amount for raiders WILL be changing!

Good luck!


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