Captain America v Red Skull Raid Event

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Captain America v Red Skull Raid Event

Post  RyanH on Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:52 pm

Hello all! For this event we have decided to bring a little bit of organization to the raid to help everyone succeed together. Chad, Matt, and myself (Ryan), will be collecting raid cards and pp (or other high value cards that can be sold for pp) to purchase and collect other raid cards to make decks that will then be shared among the alliance. There will be 4 tiers for this raid, and each tier will share at least one, maybe two, completed raid decks. Each tier will have a 'cost' associated with it, which is how much you personally must donate in order to belong to that tier.

Each tier will have a captain or leader who is ultimately responsible for the deck.

Each tier is also responsible for max/mastering every card in that deck.

How are the tiers figured? Glad you asked! Here is a comprehensive guide of all the rules and how it will work. Please note that this looks a lot more complicated than it actually is, in reality this will be very simple.


Tier 1 – Heavy Hitters – Over 150 PP donated, perhaps up to several hundred spent to go for top 300
Sample Deck – L/UR+

Tier 2 – Elite Squad – 100+ PP donated, going for top 2000.
Sample Deck – UR+/SSR+

Tier 3 – Core Groups – 50+ PP donated, doing the best they can for the alliance, top 5000.
Sample Deck – SSR+

Tier 4 – Bargain Basement – up to 50 PP donated, playing for fun and alliance rewards, aiming top 5000
but not spending much, if any PP on event.
Sample Deck – SR+/SSR


So now you are asking yourself, how do donations work? Simple! Each raider card will have a pp value assigned to it when it is donated. This value will be determined once the raider cards are released and we can see their stats/abilities. PP is also of course acceptable. Any high-value, easy to trade cards such as Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, etc will also be given pp credit to the donater based on current market value. All donations will be made to Matt, Chad, and Ryan (me).

Chad and Ryan will be keeping a google docs spreadsheet with everyone's donations and tier so that no one loses a card or pp. This will be updated every day by the two of us and if you wish to see it we will break it out.

If you donate a FUSED raider card, you may request it back at the end of the event.

If you donate an UNFUSED raider card, you will NOT receive it back.

UNFUSED raider cards PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE max and master them first.

After the raid, the first thing that will happen is all FUSED donations will go back to their owners. Any other fused raider cards will then be auctioned off to alliance members if they are wanted. If they are not wanted they will be auctioned off outside the alliance. If we make any PP doing this that PP will be stuck in a fund for the next raid to help the top tiers.


Now, I am sure some of you are thinking, well hey I can just trade and build my own deck! Sure you can! In fact if you do I wish you well.

If you donate a raid card to the alliance, we will be trading and flipping to get the most value out of each card during the event. This means a single UR might turn into 3 SSR or, a UR and an SSR. Matt has proven to be a great trader, and Chad and myself are no slouches! One point I must stress during the raid is this, NO ONE should be trading any raid cards that are in alliance decks EXCEPT the 3 of us that have been designated to do so. Now, if a great opportunity comes along, let us know so we can sign off on it and make sure you aren't trading away a card that is promised to someone else!


One big final note to bring up. I am anticipating that we will have 2-3, maybe more people pushing for the top 300 rewards to get the new speed UR. This is great! As those of use who have tried for the top 300 know, it gets very, very difficult the final day to keep your ranking. The top 2000 is pretty easy to lock in. So, for the people who are attempting to get to the top 300 we have a special surprise. The best 2-3 decks that we have will be given to the top players trying to make top 300 for the final 8 hours of the event. This means the tier 2 decks may be unavailable for the final 8 hours. Plan accordingly! It is very easy to lock in your spot in the top 2000 with 8 hours to go, I've done it multiple times. This way we make sure that we help our top members going for that ultimate prize, and make the entire alliance stronger!


How do you sign up? PM me on palringo! Thats all! If you wish to start donating PP you certainly can, I will answer any questions HERE on the forums. On the first day of the event, we will start collecting raid cards from the alliance and designate teams and tiers for the raid. After a couple days we will have all the decks sorted out and each team should be well on its way to kicking some ass.

Good luck all!



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Raid Updates

Post  TheChad72 on Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:48 am

Below, please find a few more details around how this raid will be organized.

1) The top tier deck will have a minimum buy in of 200pp (not the 150 mentioned above). This may change as we determine demand, but as for right now we will leave it at this level.

2) The top tier deck will also have a maximum of 4 alliance members that will have access to it. If more than 4 contribute at least 200pp or the equivalent in cards, then the 4 alliance members who have contributed the most will be the 4 who have access to this deck

3) The contribution value of raid cards will be updated as the event progresses. We will have a reference guide posted in this forum which will be updated periodically throughout the event.


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Post  ryhutz on Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:23 am

Here is the current tier structure and current value of raider cards that are donated as it applies to tier.

When available, we will also buy out raider cards from you for this amount.

L Captain America - 400
UR Captain America - 200
UR Torch - 120
SSR Torch - 60
SSR Falcon - 20
SR Falcon - 5

Here is a list of who is in what tier, in parenthesis is the amount of pp donated. APPROXIMATE!!

Tier 1;
Chris LeMay (TEAM LEADER) (650)
Albian (215)
Ace (200)
Ax (280)

L Captain America
L Captain America
L Captain America
L Captain America
L Captain America

Tier 2;
Mandragon (100)
Smith (100)

UR+ Torch
UR+ Torch
SSR+ Falcon
SSR+ Falcon
SSR+ Falcon

Tier 3;
Murphy (82)
Janne (50)
broodus (TEAM LEADER) (60)

Tier 4;
ChinoRey (20)
marktalag (37)

Other contributers;
Dark (300+)
ryhutz (240+)


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Re: Captain America v Red Skull Raid Event

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