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almightymoose's cards

Post  almightymoose on Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:46 am

7 Dec on hand (will change as i boost/trade)

(Spider Web) Spider-Man + ssr maxed/mastered
(November Foxtrot) Nick Fury + ssr m/m
(Vibranium Shield) Captain America + ssr m/m
Maria Hill + sr m/m
Maria Hill + sr
(Optic Captain) Cyclops sr x2 - about to fuse
(Bedrock) Thing + sr m/m
(Mjolnir) Thor + sr
(Infinite Lawyer) Daredevil sr + m/m
X-23 + sr m/m
(Invisibility) Invisible Woman + sr m/m
Iron Monger + sr m/m
(Scientist) Beast + sr m/m
(Brilliant Scientist) Mr Fantastic + sr maxed
Taskmaster+ sr m/m
Kraven + maxed
(Shining Cosmo) Silver Surfer + sr mastered
(Legal Eagle) She Hulk + sr m/m
Moon Knight + sr m/m
(Cosmic Energy) Havok r mastered
(Repulsor Beam) Iron Man sr mastered
(Queen of Lightning) Storm + sr m/m
Moon Knight + sr m/m (low stats)
(Cosmic Energy) Havok r
(Vampire Hunter) Blade + ssr
(Lady Liberator) She Hulk sr (2)
Mystique + sr
(Executioner) Punisher sr mastered
(Executioner) Punishr sr
(Unleashed Power) Thing sr mastered (2)
(Cloned Eliminator) X-23 sr mastered
(Cloned Eliminator) X-23
(Ruthless) Punisher + sr
(Nova Corps) Nova r mastered
(Nova Corps) Nova r
(Secret Agent) Black Widow +++ ur
(Precise Shot) Hawkeye r (2)
(Ball of Fire) Human Torch r (2)
Baron von Strucker + sr
(Supreme Magician) sr clean
Modok r clean
----- I have access to
Modok + sr
(Legal Eagle) She Hulk r (2)
(Ultimate Fist) Iron Fist r (2)
(Scientist) Beast r mastered
(Secret Agent) Black Widow r mastered (2)
(Precise Shot) Hawkeye r (2)
(Lady Liberator) She Hulk sr clean (2)
(Leopardess) Tigra + ssr
Green Goblin + sr
Doctor Octopus + sr
(Cosmic Energy) Havok r
(Cosmic Energy) Havok
Morbius+ sr
(Shining Cosmo) Silver Surfer r clean


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Re: almightymoose's cards

Post  brettlv5 on Thu May 30, 2013 6:11 pm

Do you still have that Leopardess Tigra? If so my in game id is brettlv5506 just sent you a rally


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